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Vol  4 - No 1 (2019)



Volodina N.V.

  • Corruption as a threat to national security in the Republic of Moldova and the activities of the anti-corruption prosecutor’s office and other law enforcement and government agencies in this area (international experience in combating corruption)

Abstract: The article proves the importance and priority of corruption problems, as well as the issues of corruption prevention in the Republic of Moldova, the relevance of the review of the activities of the anti-corruption prosecutor’s office, state and law enforcement bodies in this country, and examples are given. The level of corruption in the Republic of Moldova is high and has a systemic character. Corruption factors are analyzed, the general and particular of this negative phenomenon is revealed. The article briefly presents the structure of a typical opinion on the corruption character of a normative legal act. As a result of reforms in the country, a new Law on the Prosecutor’s Office was adopted, there is a Concept of Prevention of Corruption and other programs in this area, but the «growth» of corruption continues.

Keywords: Corruption, corruption perception index, national security, corruption-related normative act, corruption factors, anti-corruption prosecutor’s office, international experience of fighting corruption.


Tleukhan R.K.

Durembekov E.K.,

  • Procedural aspects of applying a preventive measure in the form of detention in relation to persons suspected and accused of an act of terrorism

Аbstract. The article describes the characteristics of the application of a preventive measure in the form of detention to a person suspected, accused of committing an act of terrorism; considered a number of procedural aspects of the research topic

Keywords: preventive measure, imprisonment, suspect, accused, terrorism


Afanasyev M.V.

  • Criminal law characteristic of the concept of «state of intoxication» in domestic and foreign criminal law: XVIII - beginning of the XX century

Abstract. The article presents the views on the concept of «state of intoxication» dominant in the domestic and European criminal legislation in the period from the XVIII century until the beginning of the 20th century Criminal and legal characteristics of the concepts of «full» and «incomplete» intoxication are given and how it was interpreted in the legislation and judicial bodies of the specified period. The positions of scholars and practitioners of that time on the problems of criminal law influence on persons who commit crimes while intoxicated are summarized.

 Keywords: criminal law, intoxication, complete and incomplete intoxication.


Kurbatova S.M.

  • State and public security as a strategic national priority of ensuring national interests and their relationship with the criminal policy of the Russian state

Abstract. The article gives the concept and types of national security and national interests of the Russian Federation, and also discusses some aspects of ensuring state and public security in the context of the content of certain provisions of the modern criminal policy of the Russian state.

Keywords: State and public security, strategic national priorities, national interests, national security, criminal policy.


Sembekova B.R

  • National security as a direction of criminal policy

Abstract. The article deals with the issues of ensuring national security by forensic methods and methods caused by the improvement of forensic theories, in particular the theory of personality in forensic science.The forensic theory of personality determines the development of forensic techniques, forensic tactics and forensic techniques, improving their methods and methods for obtaining reliable, complete and objective information.Personality is considered as the determining basis of the subject of interaction in an interpersonal situation of interaction, which is reflected by individual personality characteristics in the mechanism of criminal activity.The reflective ability of the individual-personal properties of the subjects of interaction contributes to the modeling of behavior, the diagnosis of conditions and circumstances.

Keywords: national security; anti-criminal security of the person; criminal policy; forensic theory of personality.


Kalimullina S.A.

  • Features of employment of pedagogical workers of preschool education and of educational institutions

Annotation. The article discusses the features of hiring teachers in preschool and educational organizations, lists the necessary documents for the conclusion of the employment contract, analyzed additional requirements for applicants for teaching. The procedure of employment of pedagogical workers is disassembled.

Keywords: pedagogical workers, employment, qualification requirements, occupation by pedagogical activity.




Davydova A.V.

  • Youth entrepreneurship, as a new vector of economic development

Annotation. Small and medium entrepreneurship in many European countries is a key factor in economic development. States seek to create an infrastructure to support such actors. A new impetus to the development of entrepreneurship in Western countries has become youth entrepreneurship. In Russia, this direction is only gaining popularity, but it faces a number of problems that the government is trying to solve, since it understands that youth entrepreneurship is an important resource for the development of small and medium-sized businesses.

Keywords. Youth entrepreneurship, youth, business incubator, small and medium entrepreneurship, SMEs, SMEs, business, government support.


Kirillina O.A.

  • Civil characteristics of property rights of citizens

Abstract: The article analyzes certain constitutional, legal and civil aspects of the property rights of citizens. The legal position of the civil legislation of Russia on the property of Russian citizens, as well as the grounds for the acquisition of changes and termination of this right is shown.

Key words: Russian Constitution, citizens right of private ownership, right of possession, use, disposition, entitlement, grounds of emergence, modification and termination of ownership rights of citizens.


Yakupova J.

  • On the issue of ownership of a legal entity

Annotation. The article gives the concept of the legal right of ownership of a legal entity and discloses its content. The peculiarities of the protection of the property rights of legal entities are also considered. In this regard, the objects that constitute a significant part of the property of a legal entity, existing not in a material form, but in the form of a right of claim, which determines the specifics of the protection of rights to them, are indicated.

Keywords: ownership, legal entity, legal regime, law, property.


Davydov A. A.

  • Copyright protection on the Internet

Abstract. The article contains the concept of copyright, its subject and object. The main focus is on different ways to protect copyright. The paper provides an example of a trial of copyright infringement. It was a more efficient process for dealing with copyright infringement.

Key words: object of copyright, subject of copyright, piracy, plagiarism, Global network.