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Vol 1 - 2016 

Afanasev Ilia Vladimirovich

  • Legal regulation of the use of satellite navigation systems under the laws of the Russian Federation

Annotation: the article deals with laws, as well as by-laws regulating the operation of navigation systems in the field of transport. In particular, vehicles are disclosed that are subject to mandatory navigation equipment; in which tachographs should be installed, as well as vehicles equipped with a system of charging for compensation of damage caused to public roads.

Keywords: navigation; navigation systems; vehicles; satellite systems; GLONASS; tachograph.


Druzhinin Stanislav Vladimirovich

  • Criminal and legal peculiarities of definition of legally significant symbols of the competition limitation context

Annotation: despite widespread use of illegal actions in the Russian economy aimed at restricting competition among economic entities, the application of the provisions of Art. 178 of the Criminal Code remains extremely insignificant. One of the problems arising in the process of qualifying the relevant actions is the proper definition of legally significant signs of the subject of the offense. Neither in criminal law theory, nor in judicial practice, an exhaustive answer on this issue has been formulated. Based on the analysis of the current legislation, as well as doctrinal sources on the qualification of economic crimes, proposals are formulated to determine the specific legal status of the subject of the offense under Art. 178 of the Criminal Code.

Key words: subject of crime, crimes in the sphere of economic activity, restriction of competition, monopolism, antimonopoly legislation, economic entity.


Murkshtis Marius Jokubovich

  • Object of illegal (criminal) circulation of weapons carried out by common subjects

Annotation: the article discusses in detail the object of crimes related to illegal arms trafficking; all items of criminal weapons; It is noted that the approach used by the domestic legislator to describe the characteristics of the subject of illicit arms trafficking is different from how weapons are understood in international documents.

Keywords: weapon; weapons trafficking, crime instrument; the subjects of the crime.


Sapparov Rinat Ramisovich

  • The subject of bankruptcy offenses

Annotation: the article discusses in detail the issue of the subject of bankruptcy crimes, reveals the signs of the crime in question. It is argued that the question of the content of the subject of this crime is fully investigated in the theory of criminal law and does not require further clarification.

Keywords: bankruptcy; property; property rights; subject of crime.


Anton Serous

  • International Standards for Countering Bribery of Foreign Public Officials and Officials of a Public International Organization

Abstract: the article on the basis of international documents examines international standards in the field of countering the bribery of foreign public officials and officials of a public international organization. Also, the author concentrates on the problem of implementation of these standards in the Russian criminal legislation.

Keywords: bribery, public official, international organization, criminal liability.